We got the bike back!!!  Portland friends & press--you guys are amazing! Thank you very much for everything!

The man (Russ Jones) who called us last night, bought the bike outside a pawn shop [on 82nd]. The man who had the bike was intending to sell it to the pawn shop, but the pawn shop was closed. Russ paid $150 for the bike and then a friend of his realized that it was the bike in the paper and he called us right away. The man he bought it from fits the description of the tall homeless man that many people had reported seeing the bike with. The seat is missing  - the bike is in near-perfect shape (just a few slight tweaks that we can fix) - and the contents of Len's bag is missing (pump, helmet, lights, tools, bike shoes, gloves, sunglasses - and most inconveniently - the key to the customized Pinhead Security locking hub skewers (that lock the wheels to the bike) and a few other custom items.

WE are so happy to have the bike back in one piece!

As far as we're concerned, the man who returned the bike to us is a true hero and we are so thankful that he called us!

Thank you all again for making that bike so readily identifiable in Portland--that is what got it back!

- Tamara & Len Rubin

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